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Marketing Tips

We’ve compiled a list of 10 Top Tips that will help any affiliate increase their earnings:


In case you haven’t noticed there is a lot of competition out there. These days some affiliates are spending hundreds of thousands on advertising each month…so how do you compete? One word – niche. Don’t just set up a Sports Betting site – there are already thousands out there. Instead why not try a Tennis site, or even better why not set up one for a particular player or competition?


Let’s imagine you’re browsing the web. You go to a website with information on mobile phones and you see a banner there for ladies clothes….would you click it? Well, unless you happened to be looking for ladies clothes at the time, then probably not (and why were you on a mobile phone site looking for ladies clothes?). Anyway, if the ad was for the newest and coolest mobile phone…would you click it? Conversions are always much higher when the content is relevant to the ad. It sounds simple, doesn’t it?


This one is also very simple to understand. SEO and PPC advertising are all well and good but you want to drive as much organic traffic to your site as possible. Most search engines reward sites with well written editorial content – not just a collection of uninteresting marketing spiel with keywords randomly included. Of course, don’t completely ignore your standard SEO tactics, such as Meta tags and circular links but make sure that you’re website is something that people want to visit.


Most search engines are now rating pages by their loading speed. This means that an investment into a dedicated server hosting package is a worthy investment; site downtime can really affect your Page Ranking.


All research suggests that a site with only one or two banners will massively outperform a site with a higher number of banners. Rather than increase the number of overall clicks, too many banners will frighten away a potential referral…you don’t want to seem desperate now do you?


A professional looking site will always outperform an amateur looking one. In the days of identity fraud, spyware, viruses and other internet nasties a professional looking site can help you instil confidence in your visitors. On the contrary, a poorly designed site can scream “get me out of here” to a first time visitor.


We all want to live in a big house and drive a nice car one day; but we all have to start somewhere. It is always a wise decision to invest in PPC advertising to help drive visitors to your site and also look at registering with online directories. If you have any friends that own sites, why not get involved in a link exchange? Investing any money made back into advertising will pay dividends in the long term.


RSS, blogs, email, Twitter, Facebook, forums, chat – communication will guarantee success. Think of your website as a shop in the High Street – you go in, you look around and you see a suit you like, but you don’t have the money to buy it right away and you leave. Now compare the shop next door where you see the same suit and the salesperson inside takes your contact number, calls you a week later and offers to drive it to your house for a fitting…which would you buy? Exactly. Engage the customer and they will engage you, ignore the customer and they will ignore you.


It is vital that you understand your customer’s wants and needs. We provide you with all the stats you need, so look at which customers you convert well on. Some sites perform well with Casino customers, some with sports and some with poker. Understand which customers make you the most money and change your content and style to suit those customers


Pop ups / unders, spyware and other forced action marketing techniques only serve one purpose – to annoy! These tactics will leave a nasty taste in the visitor’s mouth and don’t be surprised if they never come back. There’s also no point in lying to your visitors – why exaggerate an offer if it’s only going to discredit your own website. Keep it honest and transparent and you will be rewarded with trust.

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