FAQ for BetVictor Betting & Casino Affiliate Program


Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What is an affiliate?
It’s an independent website that promotes a merchant’s products or services.  Affiliates earn commission every time a referred player generates revenue for one of our online gaming merchants.
What is an affiliate programme?
An affiliate programme is a type of partnership between an online merchant and a website owner.  As an affiliate you are paid a commission every time a customer is referred to us through your website and generates revenue.
What is a merchant/operator?
A merchant/operator is any website that sells a product or service, accepts payments and fulfills orders.
What is a tiered affiliate programme?
A tiered affiliate programme allows you to make commissions from other affiliates you have recruited (your sub-affiliates).

Becoming An Affiliate

How Do I Join BetVictor Affiliates?

All you need is a website and an email address, and to follow these 2 steps:


  1. Sign up to BetVictor Affiliate’s here.
  2. Promote our products with the creative assets we provide to you.


Does It Cost To Join BetVictor Affiliates?
It won’t cost you a thing, our affiliate programme is 100% free of charge.
How Much Can I Earn?
How much you earn depends entirely on you.  We offer a 30% revenue share on your primary product (chosen when you sign up) and a 15% share on your cross over product.
Can I Have More Than One Website?
You can have as many as you want and you only need to sign up once to track multiple websites under one login.  Our Affiliate Management area makes it easy to track traffic, referral and earning stats for each site.
Will My Website Be Accepted?
The majority are, so there’s no reason yours shouldn’t.  We will review your site to ensure its consent is suited to our brand before we accept it.  Of course, any sites of a pornographic or racially prejudiced in nature will be refused and the success of your application is at BetVictor Affiliates sole discretion.

Link Tracking & Account Management

How Is A Customer Associated With My Website?

Each link from your website to our products contains a unique tracking code.  This code tracks impressions, clicks and records data such as registrations, purchases and activity by your referred customers at our site.  This activity is visible in your Affiliate Management area.

Where Do I Get My Tracking Code?

Your tracking code is available in the Marketing Tools section of your Affiliate Management area after signing up.

Who Should I Contact If I Need Help?

Your dedicated BetVictor Affiliate’s Team.  We’re available from 09:00 – 17:00 GMT, Monday – Saturday.  Click here to see our individual contact details.

How Do I Change My Account Information?

You can change it at any time from your Affiliate Management area.  Simply log in and click ‘My Account’, make the necessary changes and hit ‘Submit’.



Viewing Stats & Getting Paid

How Can I Keep Track Of My Referrals & Earnings?

The ‘Reports’ section of your Affiliate Management area provides detailed summaries of all your affiliate campaigns or a quick view summary of your overall activity.

How Often Are My Stats Updated?

Your affiliate stats for each product are updated daily.

How & When Do I Get Paid?

In order to be paid for commissions each month you need to first of all login to your account and generate an invoice before the 15th of each month.

We aim to make payments at the end of each month for the previous months activity.

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